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8. A Hard Life  

Kalliopi Kalogirou,
Ano Ravénia, march 1983


55', 16 mm, color , 1983-1996, sync. sound.
Original greek version, english (or french) subtitles.


Distributed on DVD PAL

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Director : Colette Piault
Camera & Editing : Graham Johnston
Sound : Georges Nivoix
Interview : Eleni Pangratiou-Alexakis
Subtitling : Electra Venaki & Ariane Lewis
Production : National Film & Television School, (NFTS, Beaconsfield), CNRS (LP18), Les Films du Quotidien.
Distribution : Les Films du Quotidien



Kalliopi Kalogerou has spent her whole life in the village where she was born in 1900. Simple witness of the century, she lived through turkish domination & successive occupations linked to different wars. Most of her family stays elsewhere, in Greece or abroad (USA, Canada, Germany, Bulgaria etc...) and her shattered family world is representative of the greek diaspora. The film is exclusively devoted to her life story, told to a young epirot friend, Eleni Pangratiou-Alexakis, and to her daughter, Evguenia, settled in the States who came to visit her in the summer.

The film structure is very strict, most shots lasting for 10' (equivalent to a camera magazine). This model was borrowed from ,Jean Eustache's film devoted to his grand mother, Odette Robert

- Bilan du Film Etnographique, Paris, 1996
- Göttingen International Film Festival, Göttingen, 1996
- NAFA Film Festival, Bergen, Norway, 1996

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