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7. Charcoal-Makers  

Ano Ravenia, 1988


30', 1990, 16 mm, color, sync. sound.
Original greek version, english (or french) subtitles.


Distributed on DVD PAL

  Video trailer (2,9 MB)


Director : Colette Piault
Camera : Susi Arnott
Sound & Interviews : Colette Piault
Editing : Electra Vénaki
Subtitling: Ioanna Béopoulou
Production : CNRS (LP 18), Les Films du Quotidien
Distribution : Les Films du Quotidien



A strange landscape  in the middle of the greek mountains. The silhouettes of furnaces emerge from the hazy and smoke- dappled light. Charcoal-makers, who have come sometimes from distant places with their families, are burning wood to make charcoal. They rent themselves and their work out to contractors during the five or six summer months. This film describes the technical process of charcoal making through its pictures and sound track, but more than that, the spectator himself participates in this difficult and achaïc work. Both modern and traditional, the activity of these men and women has a real poetic dimension.


- Bilan du Film Ethnographique, Paris, 1990
- International Festival of Ethnographic Films (RAI), Manchester,1990
- 4th International Festival of Visual Anthropology, Pärnu, 1990
- Margaret Mead Film Festival, New-York, 1991
- Film & Video Festival, American Society for Visual Anthropology, AAA, San Francisco, 1992

- Label and Prize of quality, National Center for Cinematography, Paris, 1990, (50.000 FF)
- Honourable Mention, American Society for Visual Anthropology, AAA, San Francisco, 1992

Other Screenings in Universities & Cultural Centers
France (Paris,Lyon, Caen, Bordeaux, Grenoble) United Kingdom, U.S.A., Hungary, Poland, South Africa, Malta, Italy, Finland, Romania

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