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6. Let's Get Married…!  

Ano Ravénia, Summer 1983


35', 1985, 16 mm, color, sync. sound.
Original greek & american version.
English subtitles.


Distributed on DVD PAL

  Video trailer (1,6 MB)


Director : Colette Piault
Camera & Editing : Graham Johnston
Sound : Georges Nivoix
Production :National Film & Television School (NFTS, Beaconsfield), CNRS (LP 18), Les Films du Quotidien.
Distribution : Les Films du Quotidien


Eleni, who lived with her aunt Martha's family in Martin (Tenn. USA), on holiday in Greece, met Demetrios who was living and working with his father in the greek village. They fell in love and got married. This observational film follows this greek-american wedding day and is a kind of "family film" shot by professional filmmakers as "one single day reportage".


- Nordic Association for Anthropological Film, Jyväskyllä, Finland, 1985
- Nuoro Ethnographic Film Festival, Nuoro, 1986.
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