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5. My Family and Me  

Tanasaki filming his grand-parents, Ano Ravenia, March 1983


75', 1986, 16 mm, color sync. sound.
Original greek version, english  (or french) subtitles.


Distributed on DVD PAL

  Video trailer (4,3 MB)



Director : Colette Piault
Camera & Editing : Graham Johnston
Sound: Georges Nivoix
Subtitling : Ioanna Béopoulou
Production : National Film & Television School (NFTS, Beaconsfield , U.K.), CNRS (LP 18), Les Films du Quotidien.
Distribution : Les Films du Quotidien



The film shows one specific aspect of migration: family relationships. Thanassakis, a 13 years old boy, is staying with his grandparents in the Greek village, while his parents are staying with his younger brother in Zurich, Switzerland. Shot through three periods, Winter in the village, Summer in the village (while his parents, as most migrants, come back for Holiday), and Christmas in Zurich, where we invited the grandfather and the young boy to visit their family. The film is an attempt to understand the family relationships not through interviews but following and filming moments of daily life, showing their emotional family atmosphere. It may sometimes look like a fiction film but nothing has been acted nor asked for.



- Bilan du film ethnographique, Paris, 1987
- Festival of Sovietic Ethnographic Films, Pärnu, 1988

- Jury Price and  Industrial Union Jury Price, Pärnu, 1988

Other screenings in Universities and Cultural Centers
- France (Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Salins, Saint-Etienne), Norway, United Kingdom, Sweden,Greece, Denmark, Hungary, Estonia, Canada, Malta, South Africa, Poland, Finland.

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