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4. Thread of the Needle  

Ano Ravenia, 1979


22', 1982, 16 mm, color
sync. sound, original greek version,
english (or french) subtitles


Distributed on DVD PAL

  Video trailer (1,2 Mb)


Director : Colette Piault, assistée par Anna Triantaphyllou
Camera : Philippe Lavalette
Sound : François Didio
Editing : Charlotte Boigeol
Subtitling : Ioanna Béopoulou
Production : CNRS (GR 16), CNRS Audiovisuel, Les Films du Quotidien, with the help of Intermedia (Ministery of Foreign Affairs)
Distribution :  Les Films du Quotidien


Young men leave the village to find work, learn a trade or serve in the Army whilst  a young woman may leave her father's house only to enter that of her husband. The unmarried girls remain in the village among the elderly folk, meeting together to embroider their trousseaus and chat. The film allows the spectator to sit in one of these casual sewing sessions where the girls talk about their wishes and problems, most of which revolve around marriages that will change their lives.



- Margaret Mead Festival, New York, 1983
- Bilan du film ethnographique, Paris, 1984

Other Screenings in Universities and Cultural Centers
- France (Cannes,Toulouse, Paris, Marseille, Lyon), Denmark, United Kingdom, Sweden, Greece, Hungary, U.S.A., Italy, Malta, U.S.S.R.

Broadcasting on Television
- Greece (ERT II)

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