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3. Every Day is not a Feast Day  

Ano Ravenia, village Feast,
april 20, 1978


110', 1980, 16mm, color, sync. sound,
Original greek version subtitled in english
(or in french)


Distributed on DVD PAL

  Video trailer (2,6 MB)


Director : Colette Piault
Camera : Philippe Lavalette
Sound : François Didio et Manon Barbeau
Editing : Bernard Favre
Subtitling : Ioanna Béopoulou
Production : CNRS (GR 16), CNRS Audiovisuel, Les Films du Quotidien & G.R.E.C.
Distribution : Les Films du Quotidien


A chronicle of a village daily life. Although the village appears to be virtually self-sufficient, the truth is that its economical, social & family life depends on the outer world to a great extent. The film shows the alternation between the monotony of daily life and feast days, which  mean the return for brief interludes of family members, who have left the village for the city or foreign country. Without any commentary, the film respects the  daily pace of  villagers.


- Festival dei Popoli, Florence, 1980
- Cinéma du Réel, Paris, 1981
- Margaret Mead Festival, New York, 1981
- Nordic Anthopological Film Association, Oslo, 1982
- Rural Film Festival, Paris, 1982
- Festival of Image & Voyage, Limoges (France), 1983
- Greek Ethnographic Films, New-York, 1983
- Cinema and Rural World Festival, Laval (France), 1983
- International Ethnographic Films Festival, Pärnu (Estonia), 1987

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