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1. Albertine & Dorcas  

Treichville Market,
Ivory Coast, 1966


20', 1972, 16mm, color
commentary in french

  Distributed on DVD PAL    
Video trailer (3,4 MB)



Director, Camera & Sound : Colette Piault
Editing : Madeleine Dedieu et Anne-Marie Berreby
Commentary by Ayaba-Soly
Songs sung by Albertine and Antonin

Production : CNRS (GR 16), CFE, Les Films du Quotidien, with the help of Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires

Distribution : Les Films du Quotidien


"Albertine and Dorcas" was filmed in the Ivory Coast in 1966.
The project consists of making a comparison between the daily work of two women in Abidjan.
Albertine, the mother of a family, lives in Adjamé's neighborhood. Her work consists of preparing, and then selling "achéké" (manioc semolina).  Her rather traditional occupation is integrated into the rhythm of her family life.

Dorcas, single, lives in Treichville and works as a cashier in a hardware store. Each day she leaves her family environment by taxi to go to her work.  Her rhythm is that of wage-earner.  Her occupation is more integrated into the modern urban world.  This is the filmmaker's first film, a first attempt.
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